Instead of leaving your success to chance & flying by the seat of your pants, create a plan that actually works & makes achieving your goals simple

Over 5 days you’ll learn…

  • How to easily figure out what worked and what didn’t last year so you can do more of what works and less of what didn’t
  • How to intentionally design the year you want and make sure it happens
  • How to set goals that you actually reach
  • How to break your goals down into a non-overwhelming 90 day plan
  • How to make reaching your goals simple and step-by-step

What You’ll Get

  • A daily video and worksheet for each topic we’ll be covering – no fluff, no filler, just totally focused on implementation & results​
  • A daily live Q&A with me to make sure you know exactly how to take action and you don’t get stuck
  • Access to a Facebook Community of your fellow wedding pros so you can share your results, get accountability, and stay motivated
The planning sessions have been so transformative. I’ve never sat down to analyze what I’ve done. It’s always been flying by the seat of my pants. The questions Heidi asked really made me acknowledge how much I’ve done, and given me clarity on what needs to be prioritized, what can wait, and what I can let go of entirely.
Mercedes Ibarra - Minister & Officiant

We get started in…








About Your Host

Hey! I’m Heidi Thompson and I’m the host of Book More Weddings Summit, Wedding Business CEO Summit, the Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast and the creator of The Wedding Business Collective. I help wedding professionals build 6 figure businesses without working all the time.

Too many wedding pros fly by the seat of their pants and I want next year to be different for you. During this challenge, you’ll develop a plan that makes reaching your goals simple and you won’t feel like you’re just winging it.

Have a Question?

What type of wedding professional is this for?
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a planner or a photographer of an ice sculptor or guy on a unicycle playing as a one-man band. This challenge is for you if you’re a wedding pro!
What's the catch, are there any hidden costs?
No catch, this is completely free​! However you do need to go through the challenge live in order to get the best results, and you will only have access to the challenge material until December 16th.
When does the challenge start?
Day 1 of the challenge is Monday December 6th, 2021 and it runs through Friday, Decembeer 10th.