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What people are saying

I am no longer overwhelmed by marketing! We’re raising our prices again and even if we don’t book any additional weddings for 2020 (which is VERY unlikely), we’ll still make double what we made last year without adding additional work!

Liz Grimes
Wedding Officiant

“Heidi took my problem and gave me action plans that applied to my situation and I was able to go full time in my business in a year and a half!

I’ve always been a great wedding planner, coordinator, and designer but working with Heidi is making me into a great businesswoman.

Mikala Wilson
Wedding Planner

“I honestly feel like I’m on this incredible path where I can make a HUGE impact for couples, and I feel like I couldn’t have gotten here this quickly without you. Thank you thank you thank you!”

David Paige
Wedding Musician