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Our guest expert, Adrienna McDermott, is the founder and CEO of Ava And The Bee, a marketing agency exclusively for wedding pros that builds connections with dream couples through inclusive, results-driven marketing.

With a rich background that spans beyond the realm of marketing, Adrienna has walked in the shoes of wedding vendors herself. As a former bridal boutique owner, wedding planner, and florist, she intimately understands the challenges vendors face when creating new and engaging content to grow their business.

She is also the founder of The Creative VA Academy, a hub where creatives can sharpen their natural skills and build profitable creative virtual assistant businesses doing what they love.

When she’s not diving deep into analytics reports or crafting marketing strategies, you can find her cuddling on the couch with her cat (the Bee in her business), walking her tri-pawd black lab, or binging Netflix with her husband.

After this training you’ll be able to…

  • Feel confident with how Google Analytics works on your website.
  • Know the differences between the old Universal Analytics and the new G4.
  • Understand the biggest metrics you should track and why they matter.
  • Make informed marketing decisions based on your website metrics.
  • Pair it with Google Search Console so you know the exact keywords your audience is looking for.
  • Have all your Google Analytics questions answered live by Adrienna!