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Creating a Signature Offer is the best way to eliminate competition, stand out in your market, and do the work you love to do for the people you love doing for.

By creating your Signature Offer, you’ll be able to book more consultation calls, clearly showcase your value, and raise your prices.

Creating your seamless, branded Signature Offer allows you to build trust with your potential clients, close more sales, grow a team more effectively, and take more time off.

Imagine how much simpler your business would be if you took every client through the same, amazing, well-thought-out process!

I invited Amanda Shuman to teach this workshop because her Signature Experience is a well-oiled machine that commands a premium price, puts clients at ease, and delivers an incredible client experience. She has absolutely mastered creating a premium Signature Offer that keeps her booked out for months.

As soon as I experienced that as a client of hers, I knew you’d want to learn how to do this in your own business.

After developing her Signature Experience, Amanda was able to…

  • Build a nearly half-million-dollar business on 1 offer
  • Scale from a solopreneur to a team of 11 within 2 years
  • Consistently book 65% of all consultation calls (a significant increase from before!)
  • Raise her price because potential clients clearly see the value she provides
  • Improve SEO due to niched-down keywords
  • Create more effective marketing posts that drive conversion

After this workshop, you’ll be able to…

  • Book more consultation calls.
  • Turn more of those consultation calls into bookings.
  • Stand out clearly from your competition.
  • Showcase your value so you don’t have to compete on price.
  • Raise your prices.
  • Streamline and simplify the back end of your business
  • Hand things off to team members easily.
  • Take more time off.

What if I do custom work for my clients?

This workshop is for you even if you do highly customized work and send out custom proposals to each client.

You’ll develop a Signature Process that shows your potential clients what working with you is like. This builds trust, sets you apart, and gives them peace of mind knowing you have everything under control.