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Stand out from your competition as the top choice for your ideal clients, no matter how much you charge! We’ll cover 5 simple steps to stand out & get booked.

1. Lock On Your Target – You’ll use my Clone Your Best Clients process to identify exactly who you want to attract more of so you can stand out to them as the best possible choice.

2. Why Should They Choose You? – You’ll uncover what your ideal clients care about most and combine it with your values to make the case why they should choose you instead of someone else without sounding desperate.

3. The 5 Second Test – Within 5 seconds of landing on your website, your potential client should know exactly what you do, who you’re the best fit for, and how you’re different. Most wedding business websites don’t pass this test but yours will!

4. Your Ideal Client Mirror – You’ll update your testimonials and images so your ideal clients can see themselves in them and know you’re the right fit for them.

5. Seal The Deal – You’ll update your inquiry and booking workflow so it easily books the client you want to book more of.