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if you want to get more referrals but you’re not quite sure HOW to do that, this is for you.​

Referrals Made Easy

Referrals Made Easy includees..

7 Step-By-Step Referral Action Plans that break down each referral strategy into a step-by-step checklist that anyone can follow.

Those 7 step-by-step strategies are:

  • The Vendor Tour Triple Play
  • Leave Vendor Reviews
  • The Special Perk
  • The 15 Minute Social Strategy
  • Organize A Styled Shoot
  • The Burger King Night Strategy
  • Rebook & Reward Past Clients

And as a bonus, you’ll get 7 fill-in-the-blank email templates to make taking action on these referral strategies as easy as possible.

Normally, I only share it with members of The Wedding Business Collective but I added it to my site and now (at least for the time being) anyone who wants to easily get more referrals can grab it.

For just $17 you’ll never have to deal with wondering what the hell you’re supposed to do to get more referrals again. 😉

If you can follow a checklist, you can get more referrals!

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