After this workshop, you’ll be able to…

  • Create an offer that doesn’t require a discount if you don’t want to discount.
  • Structure an offer that makes people say “TAKE MY MONEY!”
  • Sell an offer to previous clients, current clients, and potential clients.
  • Make your Black Friday offer utterly irresistible to your ideal clients.
  • Gain more attention for your offer before your launch it.
  • Launch and promote your Black Friday offer knowing what to say and when.
  • Move past your limiting beliefs around selling.
  • Take the shortcut with a discount on Shannon’s email templates for your Black Friday Promotion.

We’ll also have a live Q&A where we will brainstorm your offer with you and answer all of your questions so you walk away knowing exactly how to make this Black Friday profitable for you!

You’ll get access to the live workshop where you can ask all of your questions as well as the recording to refer back to whenever you want to run a promotion.