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“As soon as I started implementing the strategies that I learned through The Wedding Business Collective, I booked my entire season two years in advance with my ideal clients that I'm excited to work with!

I wasn't trying to use someone else's template or fit the mold. I think that's the cool thing about what Heidi teaches you is it's not a one size fits all template that she gives. She teaches you how to find what your special sauce is and how to actually apply that to get the clients that you want.”

- Kay Northrup (Kay Northrup Events, Wedding Planner)

“I'm not overwhelmed by marketing anymore! Going into next year we are way ahead of where we were for this year at this time. We'll go over last year's income with fewer couples and only need to work 25-30 hours per week at most. I give having a solid marketing plan in place for the past 90 days credit for a lot of this.

I've gotten my client work time down to 25 hours per week and I spent 5 hours working on the business each week. My systems do the heavy lifting!"

- Liz Grimes (All Faiths Wedding Officiants, Wedding Officiant)

"I feel like the fog around my business has been lifted and I now have a clear, drawn-out path of what I need to do for my business over the next 90 days.

I realize that I was trying to do so much and be on 9 online platforms at one time and what I have found is that I hate being so scattered and it left me drained."

- Kacie Leblanc (Chantilly Lace Wedding Company, Wedding Planner)